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Toilet running in San Mateo

Toilet Running Water in San Mateo
[Diagnose] Observe hall bath toilet, American Standard toilet not shutting off after flushing. Ballcock is not shutting off.
[Solution] Shut off water to toilet, replace ballcock and tested well.
[Cost] $106

Water heater problem in San Jose

No hot water in San Jose
[Diagnose] Observe a rheem water heater 50 gallon, made in 2005 with enclosure burn assembly not staying lite.
[Solution] We removed the assembly enclosure install a new rheem pilot assembly and clean the water heater filter, because it was fill of dust. Reassemble the water hater and it tested. It operate normal. 30 minutes on-site.
[Cost] $ 60 (deductibles only under house warranty service)

[Plumbers Tip] It sounded very easy, but it involves gas, so let expert to clean the water heater.